Microsensing Lab

Available Hardware:

  • High advanced computers
  • Recent versions of programming languages (C++, Matlab, Virtual Expert, Origin, etc)
  • Stereo Image Processing
  • Microcontroller with memory storage for data access and transfer
  • An efficient ultrasound scanner Sonoace X6
    • 15 inch color monitor.
    • High definition zoom.
    • Speckle reduction filter.
    • Image archive (with distance, angel, volume, area, and outline).
    • Two USB ports, Cd R/W.
    • Printer port.
    • Sensor: Linear probe 5 – 12 MHz.
    • Penetration: up to 10 cm.

Developed  Techniques:

  • Acoustic signals digitization and segmentation.
  • Low, band, and high pass filters.
  • Smooth frequency transformation with window functions and fast Fourier transform.
  • Temporal and spectral features extraction (includes novel features).
  • Artificial neural networks for pattern recognition.
  • Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Partial Least Square (PLS)
  • calibration models.
  • Novel edge detection approach based on energy and skewness features of the images.
  • Spectrogram enhancement by a novel image processing technique.


  • Bioacoustic detection of grain weevils
  • Bioacoustic detection of bats
  • Determination of rolls quality by their chewing sound levels
  • Determination of weevils status (alive/death) by image processing
  • Automatic Classification of Meat Compositions By Inline Combinations of Image Processing And Ultrasonic Detection